How To Start Selling Online When You Have Small Business

Mistakes To Avoid

Start with a professional, well-branded website design that is both attractive and functional. Your site should be easy for search engines to index and rank high in the SERPS. There are many resources online available for small businesses who want help building their own websites or need someone else at an affordable price to do it for them- always check reviews before hiring anyone! See this article from BlueSnap on starting your e-commerce business successfully, which includes information about how this can increase your visibility as a business owner and drive traffic back to your website. Make sure you take advantage of free social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., so people know what you are up to and have the opportunity to contact you – a new business owner.


Mistakes To Avoid:

-Sticking with just a Facebook page or Twitter feed that is not updated regularly and does not offer any incentive for people who like your page/follow you on social media. Your posts should be interesting, relevant, valuable content about something related to your business so people will want more information from you! This way they may also click through in their newsfeeds or timelines directly onto your website where they can find even more useful stuff (this includes blog articles). It’s important to have an “About” section at the top of every post where readers know what it is they’re getting into before scrolling down; this ensures that if someone doesn’t want to read about your business, they can scroll past and not be lost in an endless stream of posts.

-Being too hard to get ahold of or waiting until someone contacts you first for information on your small business. You should definitely have pages with contact info at the top so people know how to reach you (direct phone number is best!) as well as an “About” section that includes everything from what type of company you are and what services/products you offer down to where customers can find more information about products before purchasing them. This way no one will need to go hunting around for answers!