How To Decorate Living Room

The living room is the first place people see when they enter your home, and it’s also where you spend a lot of time relaxing or entertaining friends. It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine that this space needs some special attention! Interior Designers Weymouth will share some ideas for decorating with style in mind:

* Investing in furniture pieces like couches, chairs, ottomans, coffee tables and side tables can create just enough separation from the rest of the house without needing to use walls. You may want to consider using curtains instead; these will help shield your guests from any messes around while still maintaining an open feel. A rug in front of a couch helps define its position so there isn’t confusion about which seat belongs to which person.

Interior Designers Weymouth

* For those with more space, a fireplace can be an excellent focal point for the area and also provides ambiance during cold months. The mantle is another great place to display objects that are meaningful or personal to your family so they have a little history on public display. Be sure not to neglect the ceiling when decorating this room, either; it’s all too easy to forget about such things! You may want some type of decoration up there like lights, chandeliers or other accent pieces in order to create interest without needing them elsewhere in the home. If you’re into DIY projects, try stringing paper lanterns around corners as added luminaries if needed.

* Decorating with art should happen throughout the living room. For those who like to collect things, it’s a chance to showcase some of your favorite pieces rather than just putting them in storage somewhere. You may want different types around the house depending on where they are placed; sculptures can be put near windows or end tables while paintings look best against walls.