Boat Covers: Finding the Right One for You

Finding a good boat cover is not an easy task. When you are in the market for a new boat cover, it’s important to understand your needs and wants before making a purchase. Do you like the traditional look or do you prefer something more modern? Are there specific features that are most important to you? For instance, does the boat cover need to have tie-downs, windows or storage pockets? The answers to these questions will help make your shopping experience much easier as we explore some of our favorite brands and models of covers on today’s blog post!

Canvasman Boat Covers: Canvasman boat covers are an affordable option that provides a traditional look. The material is durable and resists mildew, mold or sun damage. They come in both new and used models with prices starting at $130 for the smaller sizes such as Overnighter/Baja 16′ to 22′. We also have larger canvas styles from Cruisers 20′, 21′, 23′ to 25′; Baycraft 24′; Express 27′ and 28′. Used canvases start at just $50! With tie-downs included on all but the smallest size, Canvasman provides one of the best deals around (with our low pricing)!

Boat Covers

Coverking: Coverking boat covers are known for their high quality construction and low price point. They offer a variety of styles including the traditional cloth cover to more modern inflatable rubberized fabric that is lighter weight, but still offers great protection from sun damage. If you want something with tie-downs or storage pockets, this may not be your best choice as these features come at an additional cost (although they do have models available without them).

Universal Boat Covers: Universal boats offers some really good affordable options in various budget points and sizes. I recommend checking out their website which has a lot of helpful information about how to figure out what size will work best for you before making any purchase decisions! Their products also seem to have some of the best ratings, which is always helpful when you’re looking to make a purchase.

Boatmate: Boatmate boat covers are built to last and they stand behind their products with unmatched warranties! They offer lots of tie-down options that can be customized for your specific needs -whatever they may be. If you want something lightweight but still offers high protection from sun damage, this might not be your best option as these features come at an additional cost (although they do have models available without them). However, if it’s durability and quality workmanship that matters most, then I highly recommend checking out these guys!